Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And Now We Introduce: FOLK WISDOM

Alrighty, Folks, here's the deal:

               We've been working on bringing you farming goodness for the better part of almost 4 years. It's been a fun, insightful, madcapped rush, and our writers have been diligently sending in articles of all sorts of farming, for your benefit.

However, recently, we've gotten a LOT of interest in non-farming DIY of old-ways living. It doesn't hurt that yours truly, the founder of this thing, has always thought that these fast fading skills should be revived for the younger (and older!) set who have found interest in preserving and continuing a simple life.

To that end, we have started a new venture called FOLK WISDOM and it is a two part endeavor that includes YOU!

We are excited that we will be launching an actual hard-copy MAGAZINE in 2013. In a few short months, this magazine can be delivered to you and it is STRICT DIY projects from another era--how to create a stone mason wall, decant herbal teas, make an heirloom garden, take care of vintage linens, create old-time fence posts, play a dulcimer...etc, etc...

We also have an online component where you can send in your old stories, nostalgia, historical pictures, poems, sayings, and other sorts of old fashioned memorabilia!

For all the folk fun, CLICK here, follow us, and JOIN US!


  1. This looks beautiful! I made a sort of compost pit at home and I use it as a natural fertilizer for my flower plants.

    Mischna Ong

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